Servicing on Site

The world of technology and specifically physics, demands an uninterrupted supervisor of mechanical instruments engineered with high-end precision scientific advancements and well-built developed infrastructures. We here at ABC Transformers are on the forefront to provide high-quality power transformer service which is within your reach in spite of what the physical conditions are. Our terms of clientship are based on extremely dedicated relationships where the satisfaction of the clients in terms of the power transformer’s maintenance and its long term outcomes are kept at the top of our concerns.

All-round service

Primarily, the existence of our services is not demarcated within the bounds of mere a onetime process. Instead, we extend our services beyond this stage; our department of on-site transformer maintenance is available to clients to keep up the efficiency and safety mechanisms of their transformers. Physically, the working of a transformer can deteriorate due to normal wear and tear or any high-energy event which can lag the efficient performance of transformers. We here at ABC Transformers are equipped with high-quality mechanisms and services to productively deal with the maintenance and servicing of transformers. Out facilities both in the two units in Noida, Uttar Pradesh has an amazing set of experts and their professional staff who are not only qualified with this technically advanced work but are also responsible in their job profiles with years of on-hands experience.

On-site Maintenance

Our comprehensive program dealing with on-site maintenance of transformers is based on the standard SMC predictive power transformer maintenance system. We make it our priority to guarantee the strict implementation of SMC predictive power transformer maintenance system on every step, the improvement in efficiency of the system both in parts and whole is ensured without any doubt. In addition to that, we follow up with considerable improvement in the safety limits of the transformers, it is our duty to create possibilities of minimum risks of hazards or mechanical accidents due to poor engineering and/ or improper maintenance and servicing of the system.

The SMC predictive power transformer maintenance system involves four stages, namely, ETP-1, ETP-2, ETP-3, and ETP-4 to increase the efficiency of the transformer by minimising the risk of system Sainte through any mechanical upset.

  • ETP-1 is based around three phase turns ratio and excitation current
  • ETP-2 deals with the polarization index of the transformer system, the insulation resistance, and the numbers and range of recovery voltage.
  • In stage 3, that is, ETP-3, the three phase windings resistance measurement is complete
  • Followed up by three phase short circuit impedance measurement in the stage of ETP-4

Within reach transformer repair service with proper scheduling of visits as per your requirements and dynamic experience of our personnel are clear characteristics of what we intend to provide once you have placed your trust on us above all the other options you had at your fingertips.

Lifetime Connectivity with clients

The very foundation of ABC Transformers is not based on maintaining short term relationships with our clients but instead, we determine our success with lifetime connectivity to you. Apart from the wide range of transformers namely, power transformer, furnace transformer, dry type transformer, and isolation transformer which we offer with complete setup and even a well-equipped production, we ensure that the power transformer maintenance is also available for all of our clients. Without a doubt, the increase in safety provides protection to the system by peaking down the chances of system failure. On top of that, the individuals working in the vicinity of the system are also at safety, we offer an integrated programme to offer all the potential safeguard mechanisms of the transformer system from failures of hazards. The service life of the system is increment with a boost to the efficiency of the system, the lagging and errors are rectified in the process to instill the highest rates of productivity in the transformer.

Transformers in Nepal Servicing