Construction of Substation

ABC Transformers has created a niche in the realm of satisfactory services of a variety of transformers, their production, proper setup, and on-site transformer maintenance. In addition to that, we are equipped with high-end expertise to offer praiseworthy services of construction of sub-station and to the point set up of electrical substation transformer from the very basics of the system.

Sub-stations: Offering complete assistance

Our services are extended beyond the precisely engineered mechanical support; we have developed our mechanical and technical services to include a sophisticated and well-engineered approach towards the construction of sub-station with all-around and complete assistance. Right from the formalities of the liaising from the government till the maintenance of sub-station transformers after their proper setup and implementation, we here at ABC Transformers are known for our services in but only the commercial and industrial departments. But our highly comprehensive services and integrated mechanical programs have been acknowledged and considered by the governmental agencies.

Productive & effective engineering

Collaborating with the optimal sectors of likewise institutions, we ensure that the management and production of services regarding the construction of sub-stations are in compliance with the standard guidelines of productive and efficient engineering. The foundation of ABC Transformers is built upon the satisfaction of our clients and your requirements are at the top of our priority list, in terms of the construction of substations, we provide a comprehensive approach which integrates not only the setup of these sub-stations but also the long term management of their maintenance and upgradation to provide you with the highest number of a productive commercial deal that has the lowest rates of failure.

Prestigious ventures

Our technical expertise shines through the history of our dynamic experience with a variety of prominent commercial ventures and prominent governmental institutions. Regardless of what category the services are categorized into being it commercial, institutional, governmental or industrial, the rank of our high-quality services for testing, construction, set-up, implementation, technicality, and maintenance of substation is kept up without any unwanted intervention. We are undeterred by the shortcomings of relationship with our clients, our assistance reaches beyond the short term dealings, instead, we provide you with a future outlook of the sub-station that adds to the efficiency of the system and as well decrements the expenditure of entire process.

Proven Expertise

Our integrated Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) system is an acknowledged example of proven expertise in this realm. We have a highly qualified staff of professionals who have improved their skills and capabilities with high-end precision and on-point supervision of the entire processes which are inculcated in these services. The construction of a sub-station is a complex procedure which involves a variety of capabilities and different steps which desk with different setups and organizations. We here at ABC Transformers are working with standard application of rightly developed engineering process to offer the best without any doubt.

The creative thinking of our personnel plays a crucial role in the initial steps of this posted which ensures a risk-proof outline of the programm, strict compliance with the industrial norms and regulations is an integrated part of our professional approach. Prior to this, we facilitate the process of liaising of the installation and the regulatory permits for the entire substation, we stay with the start and keep up with your expectations till the end. The technical services are offered with dynamic experience of years with the perfect substation engineering. Our both faculties in the units of Noida, Uttar Pradesh are upgraded accordingly with the technological advancements such have taken place in this field.